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Know What Turns Women Onman washing dishes Vintage

Know What Turns Women Onman washing dishes Vintage


Other people are so blown away that he does the dishes,

A pile of dirty dishes in a sink

In the 1930s, dancing was an important social activity, and shampoo companies wanted women to worry about yet another way they could smell bad.

Collectors Weekly: In addition to stocking tears, it surprised me what a big deal “dishpan hands” were back then.

When women got thin due to hunger during the Depression, the slender, straight flapper silhouette went out of style. Ironized yeast products promised “ ...

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30 Things Men Do That Women Always Find Sexy


More Ads That Find Fault With Women

19 science-backed ways men can appear more attractive to women

More Ads That Find Fault With Women

You Need To Wash Your Towels More Often Than You Think. Here's Why.

More Ads That Find Fault With Women

How to Stop Your Clothes From Smelling of Vaginas, Bum Cracks, and Testicles


The New Long-Distance Relationship

Selling Shame: 40 Outrageous Vintage Ads Any Woman Would Find Offensive

'Pumping' Is Dangerous New Fad Among Gay Men – Rolling Stone

“Husbands admire wives who keep their stockings perfect.” In the 1930s, advertisers wanted women to worry about their “S.A.” or “Stocking Appeal.”

man puts coat on woman

Surviving R. Kelly kitti inside story read 2017

You're probably doing it wrong. I lathered it with Kerrygold butter, a bunch of turmeric, a sprinkle of pepper and salt, ...

'Serial Killers Are a Uniquely American Phenomenon'

An 18-year-old said she was attacked at knifepoint. Then she said she made it up. That's where our story begins.

100 Skills Every Man Should Know

man rolls up sleeves

The Long Ride What We've Got Diamond in the Rough Eden The Guitar Case Learning How to Love Him Brand New Start Late Summer's Child The Good Guys

The Ghost Rapes of Bolivia

phyllis diller funny cleaning quotes

Every successful relationship is successful for the same exact reasons


Philip Toledano

A black and white version of a vintage illustration of a woman washing dishes

groom holding bride around waist

45 Life Lessons Written by a 90-Year-Old Woman


Eat Drink Man Woman.jpg

Collectors Weekly: How did you first get interested in these ads?

It can drive a man crazy in the middle of the night when he's trying to sleep. It can also cost you money in the long run, ...

how to tell if a girl likes you - main comp

Did you know that the EPA estimates that textiles make up 5% of all landfills in the US?

20 things to master before you turn 40

More Ads That Find Fault With Women

Various kitchen utensils on a kitchen hook strip. From left: – Pastry blender and potato masher – Spatula and (hidden) serving fork

man looks at woman with love

1. It's difficult to choose between two blind goats.

The Trouble With Fathering 114 Kids

You don't have to date a guy for six months to get the lowdown on who he really is. With the right clues, you can size him up in 10 minutes.

Better Woman Automatic Lillies Waitin' in the Mornin Firebreathing Mr. Cody On My Mind Marie In The Money Sawdust Girl Boneyard

Manliness is too often ranked by how many random women a dude can bed. But one of the things that separates man from the beasts is the ability and desire to ...


For men, the no sex before marriage thing made a lot of sense in the world where people got married at 18 years old. Unless you travel all the way to an ...

Beyoncé, Jared Leto and Mike Tyson are all fans of the vegan lifestyle - but

When a man stretches and his shirt rises so that the V-shape of his pelvis is just slightly visible, it's even better than being fully shirtless.

Gandhi Was a Racist Who Forced Young Girls to Sleep in Bed with Him - VICE

This seems counterintuitive, but a lot of women describe seeing a muscular man in a sweater that is at once fitted and snuggly the same way men describe ...

Elizabeth Winkler

A 1950s advert for a push up bra and padded knickers declares 'This is how

If you buy the right one, it will be years, maybe even a decade, before you'll have to buy another, so know ...

In 1904, Lever Brothers launch Vim, one of the very first scouring powders. It is the first specially formulated product of its kind to be marketed in ...

couple in a restaurant

And then, 22 years after waking up in a rushing river, we're kicked out of the pond and told by the world to go make something of our lives.

What I Wish Id Known Before Getting a Tattoo

Fifty years ago, John Trudell overcame tragedy to become the national voice for Native Americans—and a model for a new generation of activists.

Do you want to keep working after you get home

Picture: Actors Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Millie Bobby Brown, Noah Schnapp,

More Ads That Find Fault With Women

Sgt. Edna Hendershot: Hendershot had investigated more than 100 rapes in her career when she paired up with Galbraith.

Dr Naomi (pictured) went to examine Zach's penis, however, it was too

Jane Alpert exiting the courthouse with John D. Hughey III, another member of the Weather Underground Collective, after pleading guilty to a conspiracy to ...

Mila Kunis

Make sure we're bonded and have liability insurance

couple sitting on couch together

8. Wet Shave

By 35, you should be able to order wine with the air of someone who

funny cleaning quotes

Better learn these 10 things.

Published Works

Through friends, Marie met Jordan Schweitzer, a high school student working at a McDonald's. In time, they became boyfriend and girlfriend.

Reasons Girls Think You Are Unattractive

23 Signs you do not have ADHD

1 Game of Thrones Delivers Its Most Cataclysmic Episode

herturn comic copy

The Science of Flirting – 6 Tricks to Turn On Any Girl

Make sure you have all the cleaning products I will need

man hugging woman from behind


'This Photo Of My Overdose Went Viral On Reddit—But Here's The Real Story'