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Lauren Sassen on t

Lauren Sassen on t


✨ Lauren Sassen ✨ on Twitter: "I men't to say "can't" control it, not can. Why can't I type things?"

Lauren Sassen ✨

Lauren Sassen

✨ Lauren Sassen ✨ on Twitter: "Okay so I love, love, loved "The Eleventh Hour" Adventure Zone Arc! #thezonecast… "

I don't think I posted this dumb thing here, but I re-

Lauren Sassen

I haven't been posting much recently but I am making a new effort in 2014 to post a lot. I think I am going to be using my Tumblr more ...

Lauren Sassen

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Lauren Sassen ✨ @LoSassen

Been really busy recently & haven't had a lot of time to draw but I did find a little Todoroki doodle in my Toonboom file today XDpic.twitter.com/2u1VsKVDp1

Lauren Sassen

New Bear episode coming tonight at 7pm! “Tunnels” boarded by Christina Chang and Lauren Sassen and me! It's the first episode I get to board on Bears wooo!

✨ Lauren Sassen ✨'s tweet - "I was wrong everyone, it was NOT fine. " - Trendsmap

"Does anyone else feel really bad when the other poekmon don't show up??" by Lauren Sassen

Lauren Sassen (@lolosassdraws) - Spidy doodles, I saw the movie again last

We Bare Bears: Charlie's Opus

✨ Lauren Sassen ✨ on Twitter: ""Murder on the Rockport Limited" is one of my favorites!✨💕 #thezonecast… "

Lauren Sassen ✨ @LoSassen

Lauren Sassen (@lolosassdraws) - The original Devil Bats! 😈🦇 .

Lauren Sassen on Twitter: "Just some monsters https://t.co

I can't stop thinking about KH3

"Does anyone else feel really bad when the other poekmon don't show up??" by Lauren Sassen

Lauren Sassen

I CANNOT WAIT FOR KINGDOM HEARTS 3!!!! *Sorry for the repost

Cartoon Network At Annecy Animation Festival 2018 Overview

✨Lauren Sassen ✨



Lauren Sassen ✨ @LoSassen

Lauren Sassen ✨ · @LoSassen. Silly sketch of my favorite part of Wind Waker…the PIGS! @Sketch_Dailies #sketch_dailies #Link http://t.co/tdt5wdn9OC


The Happy Hypocrite – Tolstoyevsky, issue 10

Lauren Sassen

"Does anyone else feel really bad when the other poekmon don't show up??" by Lauren Sassen

Posted by Lauren "Lo" Sassen at 5:13 PM No comments:

I attended the We Bare Bears IRL panel in SF and Lauren Sassen (Creative Director) kindly drew these for me and my old college roomies after the show ...

The We Bare Bears panel featured Annie Award-winner and creator Daniel Chong, Lauren Sassen (Storyboard Artist), Mikey Heller (Series Writer) Manny ...

Pencil Mileage Club

We Bare Bears Season 4 Episode 42 - Band of Outsiders (Full Episode)

TONIGHT at 7PM tune in for a NEW episode of We Bare Bears “Slumber Party

Annecy: Cartoon Network Celebrates Female Creators

Cartoon Network

Lauren Sassen


My final #thezonecast arc poster! Thanks for the amazing adventure TAZ!!✨💖 https://t.co/m7Tb3AURZZ

We Bare Bears - Charlie's Snake Children - Cartoon Network

✨ Lauren Sassen ✨ on Twitter: "He can also melt things he touches but can control it very well and can't re-form anything yet… "

Hot Sauce Poster

Viviane Sassen, Gone with the wind, 2008

'The Powerpuff Girls'


Posted by Lauren "Lo" Sassen at 4:39 PM 2 comments:

Belladonna, 2010, from Viviane Sassen's series Parasomnia. Photograph: Courtesy of Stevenson Gallery, Cape Town, South Africa

Lauren Sassen ✨ @LoSassen

Panda cartoon network sketches we bare bears webarebears bearstack Lauren sassen art losassen •

Territory, Authority, Rights: From Medieval to Global Assemblages

6. "Does anyone else feel really bad when the other poekmon don't show up??" by Lauren Sassen

Lauren Sassen Panda SketchWe Bare BearsBear

Kakashi scribble, my fav Nart character for life

I'm a seeker and I constantly dream of something different everyday, so I don't have one specific dream.



Breakout Star Ugbad Abdi In 'Ugbad in Tanzania' By Viviane Sassen For Vogue Italia May 2019 — Anne of Carversville

Pokémon Sun and Moon's 'call for help' feature is painful for everyone involved

Image for Mark T. Collins' LinkedIn activity called There are really no words to

The Informal Economy: Studies in Advanced and Less Developed Countries Paperback – March 1, 1989

... Everyday Africa 30 Photographers Re-Picturing a Continent ...

Zdjęcie numer 13 w galerii - 20 lat z Bójką, Bajką i Brawurką. Historia. Cartoon Network. Lauren Sassen

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... Lauren Sassen Adventure Zone Podcast, The Adventure Zone, The Zone, My Hero Academia ...

Dropping Anchor: Pool Arts new studio launch event

Self-Portraits by Joanna Sassen

Globalization and its discontents

✨ Lauren Sassen ✨ on Twitter: "Thanks Jenn!!!! Haha I can't draw Revali any other way XDD Smarmiest bird.… "

We Bare Bears: Grizzly - Ultimate Hero Champion (2017)

Lauren Sassen 在 Twitter:"I can't believe it's almost Inktober already.

🎃Lauren Sassen🎃 on Twitter: "@sirPangur Two friends who can't control their quirks (I have too much fun drawing them XD) https://t.co/1ZyRGuzHtR"

Twenty-First Century Inequality & Capitalism: Piketty, Marx and Beyond (Studies in Critical Social Sciences): Langman Lauren: 9789004331440: Amazon.com: ...

I drew this in class because I didn't want to pay attention #kingdomhearts3 #kingdomhearts #art #myart #doodle #sketch #quicksketch #digitalart ...

avatar for Daniel Chong

My first and foremost inspiring references are Diane Arbus, with her wonderful portraits; Vivian Sassen with her subjects' body shapes and surfaces; ...

Lauren Sassen, Julia Pott, Eva L Wallberg, Sofya & Patricia Hidalgo @ Turner

I really love the Tron outfits in Dream Drop Distance everyone. I want you all

Kirchner Museum Davos

Saskia Sassen; 9.

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I was able to catch Barron for a quick chat (she's one busy woman) about life, loves and her career. And if you're wondering, yes, it was exactly like ...

This is funny!

If you can't make it to WonderCon, they're giving one t-shirt away, so visit their site to find out how you can win.

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