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Yezidi Kurds with national dress from Qers Kars region near Ani

Yezidi Kurds with national dress from Qers Kars region near Ani


Yezidi Kurds with national dress, from Qers ( Kars ) region, near Ani.

Yezidi Kurds with national dress, from Qers ( Kars ) region, near Ani. | Kurdish Portrait | Kurdistan, Armenia, History

Persia - Nestorian Archbishop, his secy and servants (LOC) in 2019 | Helmets | Kurdistan, History, Iran

Kurdish woman of 20th century beginning

Yezidi women in festive attire. Northen Iraq, 1945. The Kurds, Eastern Countries


Ezidis in Djebel Sinjar (Shingal), picture from G. Bell. Kurdistan,

A yezidi Kurdish Gentleman from the Jabal Sinjar circa 1935

Kurdish men one in national type dress and turban

Kurds Flee Iraq for Turkey one of the darkest times for Kurds Kurdistan, The Kurds

Kurds in old pictures

Mehmo Brams

Yezidi girls in festive costumes. Georgia, 1950s. Kurdistan, Armenia, Iranian,

Non Muslim Yezidi Kurds

Kurdish Men in traditional Costumes from Aleppo, Syria, 1920-1925 by Wattar Fréres


Kurdish teenage girls in their traditional dress in Mahabad Mahabad is famous for natural beauties and stylish hand made carpets. Mahabad may mean the city ...

Kurdistan, Traditional Outfits, Bergen, Captain Hat, Middle East, Israel

The son of a Kurdish landlord. Southeastern Anatolia, ca. 1900. The Kurds

kurdish peshmerga, 1983

kurdish girl People Around The World, All Over The World, Our World, Around

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Yazidi Fakir in Şingal, 1950. History Books, Iranian, Traditional Outfits, Middle

USA Paisley Bandana / Kerchief .

Bridegroom's outfit, typical of the Zakho region (northern Iraq). Consisting of wide

USA Paisley Bandana / Kerchief. “

Курдинка из Сурмали Kurdistan, People Of The World, Vintage Postcards, Vintage Photos,

Kurdistan, Geo, Maps, Cards

Lezgistan - Lezgistan from map of the Caucasus by Johann Christoph Matthias Reinecke, 1804

Georges Kars

On Thursday 5 October, Siho Iyiguya and Doga Srshan set fire to themselves at Harmondsworth

kurdish dress - Google Search

Kurdish man in Basur (Irak/northern kurdistan) is mourning for victims of Halabja

INSTITUT KUHI)r: Les Kurdes '!t le Kurdistan. SI la majorité

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Гульнар Ансари

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Find this Pin and more on Kanaviçe by senay_basa.

Adorable Yazidi Girl in traditional Attire. Religious Rituals, Heartland, Syria, Civilization,

Snoopy, Peanuts

168 best tattoos images on Pinterest | Tattooed women, Inked girls and Tattooed girls

The UFO Phenomenon: A Quest For Truth or Confirmation Bias?

Türkische Sozialdemokratie gegen Kurden taz Disziplinarverfahren füiabgeordnete 17 Il 1989 / Das Delikt: Besuch einer

Yazidi Kurdish Girl with mesmerizing Eyes. Kurdistan, Tribal People, History Books, Armenia

Kurdish Woman from the Zangazur Mountains, Caucasian Race. Image by Maynard Owen Williams ➡

Enterance to the inside of the Temple of Ezdi Kurds (2000) Religious Rituals,

INSTITUT KUIUlI'; Plight of Kurdish. re.fugees Kurdish refugees fleeing persecution in

Pair of Ornate White Brass Earrings, Tribal Brass Earrings with Mandala Flower, Silver Earrings, Double Sided Design.

f INHTITUT I(lTI{D~: Kurds plan to move their struggle to

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Adorable Yazidi Girl in traditional Attire. Baghdad Iraq, Garden Of Eden, People Around

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A Yazidi man in northern Iraq, circa 1920

“Life on the Kurdish plateau from Qers, Kaxizman district.

Financial Times 2 11 1989 Ozal rejects report on torture By Jim Bodgener in Ankara MR

Yazidi Woman in traditional Attire. Kurdistan, Världens Kulturer, Ansikten, Världen

Kars Harakani Airport

Yezidi Kurds with national dress, from Qers ( Kars ) region, near Ani. qer. RPFN1976 Peg Long as QER - YouTube

Easter at the Armenian Church in Baku, 1987

Peshmergas Kurdistan fighting against ISIS

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Beautiful Japanese women with Irezumi (Traditional Japanese tattooing)

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kurdish girls. Muslim GirlsKurdistanTraditional ClothesBergenIndian ...

INSTITUT 1 <11J{J)~~ THE GUARDIAN Wednesday Deçëïn1;l\

Carolien aka Zandiepants

Dashalty - Karintak in June 2015

Adorable Kurdish Boys in traditional Costumes. Traditional Dress For Boy, Traditional Outfits, Beautiful

Art 220 Rare Chinese and Kanji Symbol Tattoos - MRR inking-stuff. Yezidi Kurds with national dress, from Qers ( Kars ) region, near Ani.


Enllimg dtr großtn Slraßtn sitdtll niqii sit an: deponien, Kurd/Men ailsd,

Corneliu Baba

The Khanzad Castle near Erbil was build during the Soran Emirate in the 16th century.

Joey L. - NYC-based Photographer and Director-Yezidi refugees displaced from the


The park is right off of I-65 so there is some road noise. The sites are all gravel with a wider than normal stripe of grass.

IKV Designs: File journal page #2 + Faux Rusted Wire technique!

#Mitanni #Hurrian #Hittites #Aryan #MedianEmpire #Medes #Zagros #Kurds # Kurdistan #Lalish #Yazidi | ♥ Kurdistan ♥ | Pinterest | Kurdistan

Lovely old Yazidi Woman at the Sun Temple in Şingal. Kultur, Palestine, Mellanöstern

Meet Parqer

Yazidi survivors of the ISIS onslaught have found temporary shelter and safety in the city of

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New post on eslamy Arabian Nights Costume, Kurdistan, The Kurds, Textile Museum,

Two boys in traditional costumes. Probably Armenians from Vaspourakan (the region around Lake Van, eastern Anatolia), late century.

Yezidi elder with long side curls ('gozik') and typical hat. Iraqi

امرأة من قضاء سنجار وقد انهت خبز سنة1955 من القرن ماضي, a Kurdish Yazidi lady

Traditional Kurdish Costumes. The Kurds, Kurdistan, Traditional Clothes, Bergen, Folklore,

Persian Kurds. "The horsemen came galoping [sic] down to me - not

Instagram post by From Erbil Kurdistan • Mar 22, 2017 at 4:25pm UTC. Traditional Clothes ...

Yazidi People The Kurds, World View, Love Culture, Kurdistan, People Of The